Ridiculously Good Looking

We had a bit of a scare last night and ended up in the emergency room.  The doctors think Elena may have had a seizure but can’t be 100% sure because the episode ended before we got there.  We will now add neurologist to our ever-growing list of specialists.  I am hopeful that it was a one time occurence and we won’t have to go through that ever again.  Fortunately, she has been fine today, just a little more sleepy that usual.  She also got lots of cuddle time and mommy didn’t make her do as much exercise as we usually have to do.

On a happier note, I have a baby Zoolander.  Elena refuses to roll to her right.  For those of you who don’t understand my references to Zoolander; run, don’t walk, to your nearest video store and watch immediately.  If it weren’t for mindless comedies like this one, I’m not sure how I would make it through.  Anyway, she is perfectly capable of this task I want her to perform, she simply just doesn’t want to.  I am beginning to see just how stong-willed my sweet baby is and as much as I want her to roll in both directions I also don’t want her to lose her determination to do things they way she wants to.  I am just trying to find a happy medium between the goals I have set and her shear determination.  And, I think she knows that all she has to do is give me one of her half-smiles and she’s got me wrapped around her finger.

~ by triumphsforelena on January 5, 2011.

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