Spiritual Guidance

I made the first step and asked for help.  I made contact with the Pastor from the church we attended while I was growing up.  I felt the urge to speak to someone neutral to this situation and made the leap.  Thank you Pastor Bob, for you have helped me to see that there are larger things at work here, and my sweet baby is a blessing.  I have always known that she was a blessing to me, but I had this uncontrolable need to blame myself for this situation.  Like I am so powerful that I could cause her to have an extra chromosome.  But, alas I realize that I am not.  Go figure.  I am feeling more at peace now and seeking help from the God I grew up knowing and loving.  I have found my way back and we will move forward.

We had a follow-up appointment with the audiologist yesterday.  Elena has lots of fluid in her ears, which really isn’t a surprise given all of her congestion.  We will see the ENT in February to decide what to do about the fluid, but chances are that she will get tubes.  We will then return to the audiologist so that they can test her hearing minus fluid.  We go to the neurologist on Thursday because of the seizure and see what they have to say.  I am still hopeful that it was a one time occurance and we won’t have any more.

I am going to attend a meeting on advocacy tonight.  I am going to learn how to be an advocate for my daughter, so that she is given every opportunity available to her.  It will be a long drive, as there isn’t anything readily available in our area, but I will drive to any lenghts to give her what she needs.

~ by triumphsforelena on January 11, 2011.

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