My Daughter, The Crawler

Elena is crawling!  I am so excited and can hardly find the words.  It isn’t the most conventional crawl I’ve ever seen, but there is movement –and lots of it!  She is getting to whatever she has her eye on, and nothing is safe anymore.  The house is pretty much baby proof, but Caden and Ava are not happy about having to keep all of their toys in their rooms.  The dog toys have also become an Elena magnet, as I should have just bought a bunch of them instead of baby toys.  Needless to say, Stella and Colby aren’t that thrilled about having to pick up their toys either.

We have been attending infant group on a regular basis now and she still is so motivated by the other kids that I have seen huge leaps in her development.  I am so excited by this progress! 

On a sad note, we are losing our physical therapist.  She has taken a less physical position and we will meet our new physical therapist this week.  She is fresh out of college, so I am hoping for the best.  I am sure she will be great, I am just sad to be losing Robyn because she has been here since the beginning and seen me at my very worst.  She understands exactly what our goals are and respects them.  She has celebrated in our triumphs and listened to our fears.  She also shares a very special bond with Elena which I’m hoping will be there with our new PT, but only time will tell.  It’s amazing to watch Elena scan the room every infant group looking for Robyn, knowing that she is there somewhere.

Elena also had her first official photo shoot this past weekend.  She was photographed for the 2012 Down Syndrome Guild calendar.  The kids were very cold and very young, so fingers crossed that we got at least one good shot!  (FYI – I will be letting everyone know when the calendars are available.  All proceeds will go to the DSG, so get your checkbooks ready!)

~ by triumphsforelena on February 21, 2011.

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