Spring Break

Apart from Ava locking Stella in the bathroom it has been a quiet, relaxing week around here.  I was expecting to break up arguments and rack my brain for activities to cure Caden and Ava’s boredom but so far so good.  Our life commences back to crazy busy next week which is why I made no plans for this week.

Elena has been making big strides in our new goals.  She is willing to sit still and work on her balance in an upright position and is mastering pulling herself up and over obstacles.  Of course, this means that my floor is an obstacle course for the rest of us but I’m sure that if any burglar broke in we would hear his cries of breaking an ankle before he was able to make off with any of our stuff!

On top of all of this, she has decided that feeding herself a bottle is the only way she will be eating.  While I am glad she has mastered this skill as well, it does make me a little sad.  I was upset about not being able to breast-feed, so I hogged her feedings for myself and now she has taken them back.  I’m so proud of all the progress she has made but am still trying to find a way to pause time as I know she is my last baby.

Notice the little wink with her smile, it gets me every time.  It’s hard to catch all of her expressions on my camera because she is full of them and they are ever-changing, but I am trying.

My favorite thing this week – the way she plays so intently with her toys, and her little feet curl up every time.  All my kids have a “thing” they do when they are concentrating; Caden’s tongue sneaks out the side of his mouth, Ava’s head tilts down and to the left, and Elena’s little tiny feet curl up.  I love these little tells that my kids have and that I can tell when they are deep in thought.

We go back to the endocrinologist on Monday, but I have no anxiety about this appointment which is a nice surprise.  I’m not excited about having to draw her blood again but the worst that could happen is that we put her on a thyroid medication.  I can handle that, and so can she.  We also meet with the speech therapist on Wednesday.  I had to fight to get this appointment, so hopefully I can get some good information.  I know she is young, but I also know that there is a speech delay so I am looking for some guidance.  I’m willing to do the work if I can just get someone to give us the tools we need.

~ by triumphsforelena on April 7, 2011.

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