I love holidays.  I love getting my kids dressed up just because I can, in the name of holiday.  I love the anticipation of getting ready to go spend a day with our family, and for some reason the title of Easter or Christmas or Thanksgiving just seem to make it more special than any other visit.  I love that my kids stuff themselves with candy, bite after bite, because they know I will be stopping them and they have to get in as much as possible before that time comes.  I do not love the sugar crash that is soon to follow.

Please note, my grandma is not too happy here because she doesn’t coordinate with the rest of us — but I think it is a great picture anyway.

Sometimes holidays are a little rough for us because we can’t be everywhere, and I, of course, want to see all of our family.  We do our best to rotate so that we spend an equal amount of time with everyone, but the scheduling can get a bit tricky.  We spent this Easter with Jason’s mom and sisters and had a very nice afternoon, Easter egg hunt and all.

I was exhausted after this sugar-fueled day, as I am after all sugar-fueled holidays, but it is always worth it to have a day with family.  I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, I would be nowhere without the support of our family.

We are back to our busy schedules this week with school, PT, infant group, dance, baseball, and soccer.  Some days we find a way to coordinate everything and some days I just want to throw my hands up and give in.  I think it is important to keep the kids busy and active but I think next year we may have to limit our activities to one at a time.  As my kids get older, the scheduling gets more complicated and I need to figure out a solution so that everyone is happy and I’m not running in 50 different directions.

~ by triumphsforelena on April 26, 2011.

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