Happy Days Are Here Again

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It has been a rough week at the Hoover household.  Elena ran a pretty high fever for 5 days and then we spent Saturday night in the emergency room.  I changed her diaper to discover blood, and in true hysterical momma fashion, totally freaked out.  They ran an ultrasound and x-ray, did blood work, and re-hydrated her with an IV.  Fortunately, everything is ok.  We are home, the fever has broken, and my smiley girl has come back to me.  It was a sleep deprived week for me and I felt helpless.  I knew my girl wasn’t feeling well, because I didn’t see that gummy smile for about 6 days, but it is back in full-force…and it has done more for me than a long afternoon nap!

Elena likes to search the floor for streams of sunlight that she can make shadows in!  As soon as she sees one she makes a beeline for it!

Ava is still trying her hand at feeding Elena.  We haven’t had as many messes, but it still isn’t pretty!  Oh well, both my girls are enjoying it and hopefully Ava will get a little neater soon — who am I kidding, the girl lives to make a mess!

We are getting ready for Elena’s MRI next monday, and to say I’m nervous is an understatement.  She hasn’t had any more seizures, so I was hoping the neurologist would say we didn’t have to do this, but no luck there.  We have to be to the hospital at 6 am, and they will have to put her under anesthesia, so everybody think good thoughts this week.  Like everything else, I’m sure she will be just fine — and I have curbed my worrisome nature for the most part, but it is still there creeping around the back of my mind.

Goodbye Miss Robyn

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Well, today was our last day of PT with Robyn and I am a mix of emotions.  I knew it was coming, but I thought that we would have a longer transition time from her to our new PT.  I’m sad to be losing a person who started this journey with us, and I’m nervous to be with a PT so new to the system.  I keep telling myself that she will be great, but I still worry.  I am a worrier by nature, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m not comfortable with this change.  I have absolutely no reason to feel that Sarah can’t be just as great for Elena, I just hate change.  I keep telling myself that change is good for everyone and it isn’t healthy to be so complacent with the way things are but my heart is having a hard time believing it.

Elena has been on a three-day fever binge, so the lack of sleep isn’t helping my emotions either.  We went in to see the pediatrician today and have ruled out ear infection, pneumonia, and strep so right now the doctor just thinks it is some sort of viral infection.  Hopefully the fever will break and things will go back to normal soon — because I’m not sure how many more sleepless nights I can do.

On a happy note, we don’t have to go back to see the cardiologist for 1 1/2 years, which is fabulous.  The hole in her heart hasn’t gotten any smaller, but the doctor says that it isn’t effecting her development right now.  She is gaining weight and able to get through PT without too much exhaustion.  She will still be more tired than most babies, but there aren’t any restrictions on her activity.  We were also told that because the hole hasn’t made any signs of improving and because she has Down syndrome, the likelihood of the hole closing is slim.  But you know what, it is still a possibility and I’m not going to stop praying that it will close on its own.  I’m in a good place right now, and I have 1 1/2 years to not worry about it, doctor’s orders.

My Daughter, The Crawler

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Elena is crawling!  I am so excited and can hardly find the words.  It isn’t the most conventional crawl I’ve ever seen, but there is movement –and lots of it!  She is getting to whatever she has her eye on, and nothing is safe anymore.  The house is pretty much baby proof, but Caden and Ava are not happy about having to keep all of their toys in their rooms.  The dog toys have also become an Elena magnet, as I should have just bought a bunch of them instead of baby toys.  Needless to say, Stella and Colby aren’t that thrilled about having to pick up their toys either.

We have been attending infant group on a regular basis now and she still is so motivated by the other kids that I have seen huge leaps in her development.  I am so excited by this progress! 

On a sad note, we are losing our physical therapist.  She has taken a less physical position and we will meet our new physical therapist this week.  She is fresh out of college, so I am hoping for the best.  I am sure she will be great, I am just sad to be losing Robyn because she has been here since the beginning and seen me at my very worst.  She understands exactly what our goals are and respects them.  She has celebrated in our triumphs and listened to our fears.  She also shares a very special bond with Elena which I’m hoping will be there with our new PT, but only time will tell.  It’s amazing to watch Elena scan the room every infant group looking for Robyn, knowing that she is there somewhere.

Elena also had her first official photo shoot this past weekend.  She was photographed for the 2012 Down Syndrome Guild calendar.  The kids were very cold and very young, so fingers crossed that we got at least one good shot!  (FYI – I will be letting everyone know when the calendars are available.  All proceeds will go to the DSG, so get your checkbooks ready!)

Can You Hear Me?

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Yet another frustrating appointment yesterday.  I am fully aware that I am not a doctor or specialist, but I am beginning to wonder if I am the only one who is worried about Elena’s hearing issues.  We were told yesterday that Elena’s ear canals are too small for tubes, and I completely understand; as I am not an unreasonable mother, but my frustration comes when we are offered no other options other than “let’s wait and see”, or keeping working the Signing Time DVD’s.  I feel like this is a developmental issue in which she has a delay, and I am conscious to the fact that this is not uncommon, but I do feel like I need my doctors to be more proactive.

On a brighter note, Elena full-out belly laughs now….completely on her own.  Mostly she laughs at the dogs, but it is music to my ears!  It isn’t very loud, a small petite laugh, but it makes me swoon every time.

Milk Moustache

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Caden and Ava have been home from school for the past two days and it has been very chaotic around the house.  I’m not sure why these two days were different from any other day they are home, but it was.  I left Ava in the kitchen to feed Elena, which is her new “most favorite thing in the world” and when I returned I found: one baby, rice cereal and bananas all over the high-chair and the baby and the floor, and no Ava.  Elena was so excited about this play time in the cereal that I couldn’t be mad.  When Ava finally came back to the kitchen, I asked her where she went to which she replied, nonchalantly, “potty”.  As if that was the most obvious thing in the world and I was just crazy to not have  known.  She then went on to ask me if I wanted her to keep feeding Elena, as if there weren’t a mess of banana and cereal coating her sweet little head.

Elena has also starting this very sweet and slightly frustrating habit.  When I feed her a bottle she decides to smile the biggest gummiest smile known to man kind and drools out all of her formula, creating a mix of milk moustache and milk beard.  It’s really the cutest thing ever.  To quote my sweet Ava, its my most favorite thing in the world.

Mom’s Night Out

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Had a great night last night.  I went to a mom’s night out dinner through the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan and met some wonderfully strong women.  It feels nice to go and be able to discuss my fears and share Elena’s progress.  I know that I have a family and friends to share these things with as well, but it is nice to talk to women who have been where I am as a mother.  I am so excited to have found this group because they have such a positive message about Down syndrome.  Jason and I will continue to set high goals and expectations for Elena because if we don’t we are doing her a disservice and this group is only going to help us reach those goals.  AND, I made it through the whole dinner, labor story and all, without crying which is a huge step for me!  I am at peace and more determined than ever to embrace my life and help teach others about the joys of having a child with Down syndrome.  We have made it through the storm and now there is calm within my heart.

A Big Day

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Zoolander, no more.  My baby girl can roll in both directions, and my heart is so full of pride it might burst.  It may seem like a small feat to some, but to us it is a huge triumph!  We have been working so hard to conquer this and we have.  I know that there will be more to come and I can’t put into adaquate words how good it feels.

We attended our second infant group today and it went fantastic.  Elena is so motivated to get in all the other kid’s faces that she is working hard and really trying to crawl.  She is exhausted by the time we leave but having a great time.  Another bonus to the group is that her PT Robyn is there and its like getting an extra day with her.